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This is my story. It all began that one summer day when my father agreed to apply for a job from the magazine "The Economist". After a couple months, we got a letter that invited my father for an interview at the headquarters in Vienna, Austria. We were already thinking what would happen if we moved there. He came back from the interview, making a good impression on the head boss. That winter we finally figured out that we were going to move to Vienna, Austria. The tricky part about this was that we couldn't tell any of our friends, because we didn't want to start a commotion. A few months passed and we were getting ready to pack. We sorted and sorted and sorted for weeks until we figured out what we wanted to throw away, keep, or sell in a yard sale. As the garbage cans were filled and yard sale posters were being made to hang up, I finally realized how soon it would be to move. As we had our last couple of days in our house, we enjoyed it by watching free movies on out only two electrical devices, our TV and cable box.As the day came around to get on the plane and fly away from what I knew, we woke up at 5. We silently packed up the last items into the car and left the house we might never see again. Our friends waved goodbye as we drove out of the neighborhood, and we zipped down the road. Checking in at the airport was as easy as it ever was, which is usually not that easy. After checking in at the Austria Airlines desk, we sat and watched the planes fly by. The loudspeaker came on announcing our plane is ready to board. We drudged our feet for the last time on United States soil and boarded. We found our seats, and the next thing, we were flying. The flight lasted 8 hours; of course we flew first class to make the flight less painful for our long legs. We arrived and found ourselves in a new country, Austria. We walked through the bustling airport to find our rental car company so we could go to our temporary apartment. It took us a little while to get to the apartment, but eventually we arrived. The apartment was measly and not luxurious. It has two decently sized rooms, one living room, a tiny kitchen, a foyer, and a shoe closet that they claim to be a room. We lived there for about 3 or 4 months before finding an apartment to rent that suit us just perfectly. As I walked into that apartment everything inside me told me that I was home. Everyone in our family felt that way, so we decided to rent it. It overlooked a grant Russian statue with a gleaming gold shield. When agreeing to rent the apartment we also got a key to a private park that only our building has access to. Life here in Vienna is nice. I get to go to an international school, learn German, and visit really cool places. There is always stuff going on in Vienna. Make sure to check out my website at for the rest of my Vienna, Austria experience. If you enjoyed this story make sure to comment here.


kukaya said...

sounds like a nice place to go and visit.. wait till we get the chance to go round europe

Admin said...

I never been in Vienna but from the articles I read Vienna is very interesting city with the old building and I think the good one is Vienna Orchestra.

L.E.H said...

Vienna is a nice city. I think your thinking of the Opera or Concert House. Both Very nice places to see entertainment. I saw Lang Lang at the Concert House a couple months ago.

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