Posted by L.E.H on 6:24 PM

Many people wonder what it would be like living in a totally different country, at least i did when we started to figure out we were going to move here. This is what a day in my shoes would look like (during the school year):

1: Wake up at 5:50 every morning. I know this is early, but since we have 4 people that need to shower in the morning, it is mandatory to wake up a little earlier.
2: Slowly walk over to the shower.
3. Take a about 10 minutes in the shower.
4. Get dressed.
5. Eat and chill until its time to leave.
6. Leave at 7:30 and walk to the UBahn.
7. Wait a couple of minutes for the U1 to come.
8. Get on the U1 and ride to Kagran where I get off to go to school.
9. Learn things (not always though :p) and lunch at 12:40-1:30
10. Bell FINALLY rings at 3:15.
11. Leave school and go out into town (sometimes I also go home).
12. Hang out with friends at Starbucks, the local pool shooting bar, or the DZ (a mall across the street from our school).
13. Get bored hanging out and go home (unless i went home in step 11).
14. Do some homework if I have any, then play Xbox 360. Oh and by the way, XBOX 360 OWNS PS3. Now that we have all agreed to that statement lets move on. :)
15. Play some computer, or work on this blog.
16. Eat dinner.
17. More computer (since TV here sucks, and its all in German).
18. Get ready for bed.
19. More computer.
20. SLEEP.

Now you know what life is like for me in any given day. I know it sounds a little boring, but it's not too bad. School is OK. At least we get basically an hour for lunch which is nice.


Soyun Park said...

Well, maybe boring, but it is the life. Good luck on your school. By the way, you get up super early.. it is almost impossible to me..:)

L.E.H said...

Yeah, waking up early really sucks. But when i lived in the US, I had to wake up even earlier. School here starts at 8:30, and school in the US starts at 7:30. Thanks for "Good luck on your school".

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